We Are Here! CPC Stewardship Campaign 2021

With a grateful heart for God’s generosity and as an expression of my/our Christian Stewardship, I/we make this commitment to Central Presbyterian Church and the ministry of this congregation for the year beginning, Jan. 1, 2021.

Pledge Card 2021

Thank you for your generosity and for participating in CPC's mission through your gifts as we look ahead to 2021.
  • Annual Commitment

  • please let us know the frequency with which you plan to give your gift (for example - if you plan to give weekly, the amount you want to give each week, multiplied by 52, should equal the total yearly gift you stated above)
  • More than Money

  • In 2021, I am willing to give of myself—my time, my skills, my experience—in the following ways:
  • Contact Information

  • Additional Preferences