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Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals

Celebrating different stages and life’s transitions is an important part of our life-long journey of faith. Central’s pastors see it as part of their ministry to officiate at these services for members and those connected to the church, and understand it as a privilege to be a part of these moments. Visitors interested in these services should contact the church office and set up an appointment with the pastors to see how we can help.

In the PC(USA) baptisms are a covenant between God, the individual (or the parents of the child), and the congregation. As such, we only officiate at baptism in services of worship where the congregation is present and with the approval of the session. Aside from exceptional circumstances baptisms occur during our Sunday morning service. Our pastors are always excited to speak with you about baptism for children or adults. Please see the Sacraments tab on the “Worship with Us” page for more information.

You can find our wedding and funeral policies below:

Funeral and Memorial Service Guidelines
Wedding Policy